Ranger Vapes Lay-a-way Program

What is it? 
The Ranger Vapes Lay-a-way program was designed to allow the rest of us to own a vaping device that before was out of our fiscal reach. Our program also allows you to use multiple credit cards to pay for a single item.

How does it work?
You tell me how you want it to work and we come to an agreement on the terms, but generally the structure of the program is as follows.

  1. Minimum of 10% down payment of total price.
  2. Up to 6 equal monthly payments
  3. You receive your item/s once the items are paid in full

If I can’t pay when you send me a payment request will it show on my credit report?
Nope, this is a gentleman’s / ladies agreement sealed with a handshake. If you can’t pay a monthly payment, no problem, life happens and we completely understand. We will contact you after we send the first request for payment though because many times our email ends up in your SPAM folder. After two months of no contact Ranger Vapes reserves the right to cancel you order, but we will make multiple attempts to contact you via email.

Can I back out of the agreement?
Absolutely, but, Ranger Vapes LLC will keep 10% of the total price as a restocking fee and we will reimburse the rest of the amount already paid.

I ordered multiple items, can you ship them to me as I pay them off?
Absolutely, all we ask is that you pay for shipping.

You don't have what I want?
I'll see if I can get it and we can work it out.

How much interest do you charge?
No interest at all

How do I use it?
Add your items to the cart, once you reach the payment screen there is an option for Lay-A-Way. Once we receive your order we will send an email with payment information.

How do I pay?
We will send you an email that can be used to make payments on your own or we can auto deduct on your terms after the initial down payment is made. Just let us know. Please disregard the due date after making your initial down payment, payment is due every 30 days.

What items are eligible for the Ranger Vapes Lay-A-Way Program?
All items on RangerVapes.com are eligible for the Lay-a-Way program.

I have been down and out and wanted things I couldn't afford. But typically financing takes advantage of your inability to pay. So I decided to make a program to allow the most of us to experience true quality products without any strings attached. No interest, no fees no crap!