I enlisted in the US Army in 1985 as a 11B (Infantryman). In 1988 I went to Airborne school and then in 1989 went to Ranger school (12-89). I was fortunate enough to attend many schools which include Combat Diver, Combat Dive Sup., Pathfinder, Air Assault, Jumpmaster. I have been stationed at Ft Benning, GA, Ft Bragg, NC, Little Creek, VA, Eglin AFB, FL and Ft Campbell, KY. I retired in 2016 as a CSM, with over 68 months of combat deployments and 28 decorations. VA declared me 100% Permanent and Total disabled due to multiple combat wounds and wear and tear most likely due to over 200 parachute jumps.

After a pretty bad injury abroad I took up the bad habit of smoking, and I'm missing half a lung from injuries. I dabbled with vaping but felt it could never replace my addiction to cigarettes. In 2016 my wife decided to quit and took up vaping full time and has never touched a cigarette since. Not to be out done, I decided to quit also and like my wife has never looked back. A side effect of vaping is that I also quit dipping smokeless tobacco after nearly 40 years of dipping.

With that experience I decided to talk to Soldiers who are smoking and see if I could challenge them to quit by trading their pack of cigarettes for a free POD system. As of MAR 2019 11 Soldiers have quit. when you purchase a coil from me most of the proceeds go towards purchasing PODs for these Soldiers so I thank you very much for your purchase.

 I take great pride in making coils to deliver the best vape experience possible. 

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